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Nea Fokea Tower

Nea Fokea Tower

This Byzantine Tower, which stands on the hill on the right side of Nea Fokea’s harbor, is a community landmark.

It’s composed of stone, stands 28 metres tall, and is the only one that has survived all the way to the crenellations.

It is said to have been erected in 1407 on a prehistoric location to safeguard St. Paul’s Monastery’s monastic metochion. It was set on fire in 1821, but the roof was rebuilt in 1976. ​

The east and south wings of the metochion, as well as a tiny temple dated 1868, are all ruins around the tower. T

Emmanouil Papas, the commander of the Greek War of Independence in Halkidiki, had his headquarters in his tower in 1821.

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