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Posidi Lighthouse

Posidi Lighthouse

A magnificent ancient whitewashed lighthouse lies at the end of Myti beach in Posidi, just a few kilometres from Hotel Stahis.

The lighthouse, which was built in 1864, used to be extremely close to the water, but the sea has since moved away. The sand stretch was built subsequently as sediments accumulated.

This colonial-styled lighthouse is still operational today, and it is complemented with a little flowering garden.

The presence of “Mendi” is inextricably linked to the location. The names of the places in Mendi’s kingdom were preserved, such as the name of its beach, which is still known as Posidio, an ionic version of Posidonion, as Thucydides describes it in the 5th century BC.

The temple of Poseidon, erected on a sliver of ground near the sea, lies four kilometres west.

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